Eastern Oklahoma State College

学费 and 费用 for the 2023-24 Academic Year

The cost to attend Eastern Oklahoma State College is different for each student, based on variables such as 学位 program, special course-based fees, course delivery options and housing choices.

学费 and fees are evaluated on an annual basis based on funding provided by the State of Oklahoma. Official tuition and fee rates are set by the Eastern Oklahoma State College 校董会 in June of each year and are approved by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher 教育. 学费 and fees are effective every July 1 for the fall, spring and summer sessions. 因此, tuition and fees may increase between the pre-enrollment period in the spring and the first day of classes in the fall.

学费 for Oklahoma Residents

Basic Mandatory Charges per Semester Credit Hour for All Oklahoma Resident Students

学费 & 费用 单位
一般学费 每学时 $115.43
学生活动费 每学时 $9.23
学生设施费 每学时 $19.69
Student Technology Services Fee 每学时 $9.00
学生评核费 每学时 $2.00
学生团体费 每学时 $1.55
图书馆资源费 每学时 $2.00
总计 每学期学时 $158.90

学费 for Non-Residents*

Basic Mandatory Charges per Semester Credit Hour for Non-Residents

学费 & 费用 单位
一般学费 每学时 $115.43
非居民学费* 每学时 $120.56
学生活动费 每学时 $9.23
学生设施费 每学时 $19.69
Student Technology Services Fee 每学时 $9.00
学生评核费 每学时 $2.00
学生团体费 每学时 $1.55
图书馆资源费 每学时 $2.00
总计 每学期学时 $272.96

*Non-resident tuition will be waived for most students attending Eastern.

International Student Fee

(in addition to non-resident tuition)

术语 单位
秋天 & 春天 每学期 $40.00
夏天 每一个夏天 $25.00



费用 assessed 每学时

课程类型 费用金额
Agriculture Division Academic Services Fee $25.00
行为 & 社会科学 Academic Services Fee $20.00
Business Division Academic Services Fee $25.00
语言、人文 & 教育 Academic Services Fee $25.00
Nursing Academic Services Fee $20.00
Respiratory Therapy Academic Services Fee $25.00
科学 & 数学 Academic Services Fee $25.00
顺式课程 $5.50
在线课程 $40.00
网上增收费用 $8.00
发展课程 $15.00
混合课程 $20.00
实验室课程 $10.00
McAlester课程 $28.00
Idabel课程 $28.00
鹿角课程 $26.00
音乐课程 $30.00
(OLS) Freshman Orientation Course $20.00
河道 $4.50
护理课程(全部) $14.00
护理课程(Idabel) $14.00
Nursing Skills 实验室课程 $30.00
Meat 科学/Food 安全 Course $25.00
大众传播课程 $20.00


课程类型 费用金额
CRJS (certain courses only) $150.00
CRJS Ammunition Fee (certain courses only) $200.00
CIS电缆评估费 $225.00
CIS Tech Integ比n Assessment Fee $125.00
健身房/舞蹈课程 $50.00
安全课程 $30.00
水上安全课程 $38.00
International Humanities (Study Abroad) $250.00


费用类型 费用金额
招生 Fee (non-refundable) $15.00
Concurrent Fee (每学期) $0.00
停车许可证 $20.00
Student Identification Replacement $15.00
测试/评估 (因测试而异)
年鉴》(可选) $50.00


费用类型 费用金额
护理保险 $17.00
Nursing Assessment (non-refundable) $950.00
Nursing Validity Screening Fee $50.00
护理药检费 $65.00
Transition Nursing Assessment (non-refundable) $950.00
护理NCLEX复核费 $600.00
护理SIM表费 $64.00
护理SIM表费 $111.00
护理考试费 $200.00


费用类型 费用金额
Respiratory Therapy Assessment (non-refundable) $100.00
Respiratory Therapy Insurance Fee $17.00
Respiratory Therapy Background Screening Fee (non-refundable) $50.00
Respiratory Therapy Drug 测试 Fee (non-refundable) $65.00
Respiratory Therapy Skills Lab Fee $30.00
Respiratory Therapy Persing Board Review Fee $260.00
Respiratory Therapy Kettering Board Review Fee $425.00

学生宿舍 and Meal Plans


The following chart gives semester costs of the different residence halls and the 18-meals per week meal plan.

单一的入住率 双人房间
米勒 & 乔克托语的大厅 $3,158.50 $2,808.50
约翰斯顿大厅 $3,308.50   $2,958.50

单一的入住率 双人房间
摄政苑公寓 目前不可用. $2,713.50

Rates subject to revision by Local Governing Board.



公寓类型 成本
一居室公寓 $500.00 /月
Two Bedroom Apartment - North $575.00 /月
Two Bedroom Apartment - South $575.00 /月
Two Bedroom Apartment - South
$590.00 /月

The above rates include gas, water, electricity, wireless internet access and basic cable.
Telephone service is available from Southwestern Bell Telephone Service: 1-800-464-7928.

Application for adult student housing should be made through the 住房 Manager. A $50 security deposit and a $50 application fee is required for all housing. A $200 deposit is required for Regents Court and Adult Student 公寓.


Refunds of fees p援助 will be 100% during the Drop/Add period at the beginning of each semester. Drop/Adds which reduce the total fees p援助 will be refunded to the student. 总计 withdrawals during the Drop/Add period will provide a 100% refund of fees p援助. Withdrawals after the Drop/Add period will require 100% payment of all fees for the withdrawal to be processed. Refunds will not include nonrefundable fees. Title IV recipients are exempt from this policy and will have refunds calculated according to the prescribed "Return of Title IV Funds" regulations.


Auditing, without credit - Same charge as regular fee

Estimated 金融援助 成本s

This document provides information about Eastern's 金融援助 Estimated 成本s for 2022-23 (pdf).

学费 and 费用 Calculator

使用 净价计算器 to receive an estimate of how much students similar to you p援助 to attend Eastern.